Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Fall 1999

(This post has been backdated to put it the proper order sequentially. It was actually written sometime in early 2007.)

Jumped to sophomore-level courses this time.

University Physics II (credit) – Instructor: Maria Dworzecka (Physics Department Chair). Good instructor, interesting class. A, of course. I wish I could have her as a prof again.
University Physics II Lab (credit) – Instructor: Joseph Lieb. Not too fun, for all I like lab work in general. Incredible emphasis on error estimates and such which seemed to take far more importance over the rest of the curriculum (which, possibly, was the intent). A grade.
Analytic Geometry and Calculus III (audit) – Instructor: Stephen Saperstone. Good teacher, patient with the need to sometimes explain complex issues over and over. (Maple V rocks!)
Computer Science II (credit) – Instructor: Kevin Mayo. C++ programming. This was all new to me and very interesting. Probably my favorite course so far (oddly enough, since I am not a CS major) and Kevin was a good, fun instructor. If he was teaching the CS III course, I would probably sign up again. Since he is gone, I will let the CS course load drop – those projects take up massive chunks of time.

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