Thursday, January 04, 2007

Spring 2000

(This post has been backdated to put it the proper order sequentially. It was actually written sometime in early 2007.)

I started this semester and then dropped out just before the deadline. We had moved into the new house, but were having a ton of trouble getting the contractors to finish things correctly (6 months after closing!). Also we were working on creating a family, which added to mental stress. Finally, none of the topics were particularly thrilling to me at the time (although all were required).

University Physics III (dropped) – Instructor: Indubala Satija (I think – not 100% sure). Not sure whether it was the subject matter, the instructor, or the home/house stress, but this class never jelled for me. I was definitely happy about my decision to drop.
University Physics III Lab (dropped) – No idea who was instructing this one. Dropped along with everything else that semester.
Differential Equations (dropped) – Instructor: Stephen Saperstone. I liked him enough to sign up for another of his courses. Although I eventually dropped, it was not related to his class.

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